1. Madstreets: President Donald Trump-Build The Wall
    Street News Segement- Our host conduct interviews in the streets to receive a better insight on how the citizens feel about The U.S/Mexico Wall being built.
  2. Madstreets: Donald Trump Anti-Inaugural Protest Atlanta
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  3. Madstreets: Blame HipHop- Madtalkin TV
    MadTalkin host interviews in the streets regarding HipHop and whether its Dead or Alive.
  4. Madstreets: Colin Kaepernick vs the National Anthem
    Do you think Colin Kaepernick is wrong? Do you think not standing for the National Anthem is disrespectful? Our Digital Correspondents are Shynieka Taylor and Kidd Luck.
  5. Madstreets: Shaunae Miller vs Allyson Felix- MadTalkin TV
    With the finish line of the women's 400 meters within a single stride, Miller decided to slide through the stripe while Felix remained upright, giving her the seven-hundredths of a second needed to earn her first Olympic medal. We go to the Streets to see what the PEOPLE have to say!! Our Digital Correspondents are Shynieka Taylor and Kidd Luck. Filmed and edited by Lamont Smith The Instrumentals in this video are not own by us nor used for monetary gain.